Security is our top priority

Transporting high-value goods safely and securely requires a professionally designed layered approach based on the kind of foresight that only comes from years of experience.

L.J. Rogers understands the hazards and challenges that the transportation of high-value goods involves.

High Value Truckload Services handled by L.J. Rogers Trucking & Carolina Southern - An L.J. Rogers Company.

high value truckload services

A step ahead of every risk

Over the years we have built a reputation for speed, safety, and a razor-sharp focus on anti-theft and anti-damage strategies and procedures.

Our drivers follow precise security instructions tailored to the type of load, the route, and any specific risks. They are trained in contingency measures to follow in the event of unexpected circumstances. Our hand-picked drivers ride solo or as part of 2-driver teams and receive regular security training and refresher drills.

We take no chances with your cargo

There is no acceptable level of risk at L.J. Rogers. With years of experience dealing with the hazards of the road, we make it our business to secure and protect your loads to the maximum degree.


Expert load assessment and preparation


Strategic planning for speed and security


Well-trained, experienced drivers are fully screened and committed to protecting your cargo

Best practice

Best practice packing and loading procedures


State of the art satellite technology ensures 24/7 visibility in transit

Dedicated Support

Dedicated risk-aware support teams on hand every mile of the way

We never