Temperature Controlled

Perfect conditions, all the way

L.J. Rogers is a leading expert in the transportation of perishable goods.

With years of experience in carrying goods in optimum condition, our team has a deep understanding of the pressures that you face when it comes to the transportation of perishable goods.

Temperature Controlled Services handled by Carolina Southern - An L.J. Rogers Company.

temperature controlled transportation services

Trust years of experience

We know you need the utmost reliability and trustworthiness to ensure that you meet the highest health and safety standards, as well as your commercial obligations.

Our fleet of high performance frozen, chilled and temperature-controlled trailers are built to maintain your perishable goods in optimum fresh and hygienic conditions during transit. Your cargo is constantly monitored, and we provide proactive notifications so that you have 100% certainty that your goods will arrive at their destination at peak quality without waste or damage.

Climate-controlled freight

Meeting the highest health and safety standards from dock-to-dock


ThermoKing units are the best refrigerated equipment available in the market

Tracking Technology

Real-time tracking informs you of exact locations notifies you upon delivery.

Temperature Checks

Drivers are trained to check and verify temperatures throughout transit


We have a 99.7% on-time track record


Frozen, cooler, or protective temperatures - we can handle any range

At L.J. Rogers,